Act now for animals

The UK Government has broken its promises and we need to #ActNowForAnimals before they are forgotten about.

We've campaigned, we've fought, but the UK Government hasn't listened.
In June 2021, the UK Government introduced promising changes to our animal welfare standards, encapsulated in the milestone Kept Animals Bill.
The Bill represented countless animals and vowed to end live exports for fattening and slaughter, tackle puppy imports and crackdown on primates as pets.
After being delayed time and time again, the Kept Animals Bill was officially abandoned in May 2023 - along with the promises for long overdue and vital protections for animals.
Sadly, animals will be paying the price for the UK Government’s broken promises and they can’t afford more delays.

Time is running out

Animals deserve leaders that will stand up for them, and the Secretary of State needs to hear from you before it's too late. The UK Government can still make change happen by pursuing these issues individually, and we want a firm commitment from them that this is on the horizon.
There are pressing issues on the political agenda, but the commitments made to animal welfare need to remain intact.
If we don’t act now, we could lose vital protections for puppies, and primates. We'll have to campaign once again for live exports, a fight that is 100 years in the making.

#ActNowForAnimals with the Kept Animals Bill

Together, we can send a powerful message

This is our chance to make a difference, and it takes only a few moments to #ActNowForAnimals. Will you speak up for them?

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